Sofia - The Sound of ITALICUS


September 2019 premium Italian aperitif ITALICUS® Rosolio di Bergamotto will commemorate
its third birthday by partnering with the Gaga Symphony Orchestra to create a soundtrack
designed to celebrate the relationship between taste and sound, as well as all things Italian
and the craft of bartending, which will be available internationally on Spotify for everyone
to enjoy.

The “Sound of Italicus” campaign will tell the story of ITALICUS® and celebrate the craft of
bartending and Italian produce with an innovative melody created by the ensemble made
up of professional musicians under the age of 30 who have reinterpreted the provenance,
style and craft of the aperitivo.
ITALICUS®, will celebrate the third year anniversary, on the 1st September 2019,
releasing a video inspired by “The Sound of Italicus” with “Sofia” as the soundtrack. With Alessandro Geraci as Bartender on the background with its Flair.
The Gaga Symphony Orchestra is focused on increasing public awareness of classical music
through an innovative and interesting approach that unites orchestral music with pop and

The video heroes Italy with shots of the Amalfi coastline, Mediterranean waters, Italian
artwork whilst highlighting similarities of the artistic technique of musicians with the flair of
bartenders to show how both can be appreciated as forms of art.