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Alessandro Geraci and Gaspare Di Carlo are two Sicilian made Hospitality figures known for their enthusiastic character and remarkable professionalism. They can boast respectable backgrounds within the industry and an inestimable passion for the craft.
They started their career within the Hospitality Industry in their hometown very close to Palermo in Sicily.

In 2013, both decided to go beyond the borders of Italy and moved to London. They found themselves managing the most famous skyscrapers in Europe: The Shard and Sky Garden becoming part of the London elite’s Bar Managers.

After 7 years of hard work and dedication, together they started their very own business providing partnerships, world-class support, bespoke programs and training; supporting the hospitality industry with big ideas and new opportunities.
Cocktail recipe:


40ml Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto
20ml Vermouth ambrato
20ml Celeriac and Bramley Apple juice
20ml Citrus Saffron Kombucha

From the Jurassic coast of Dorset to the beautiful landscape of Glasgow, with all its outstanding cities and hundreds of years of nobles stories, with an incredible capital as London, pulsating heart of the world: England has changed our life forever!

English traditions and culture are slowly penetrating into our souls, merging perfectly with our Italian heritage, giving to all our life experiences different conceptions and point of view.

Inspired by the local flavours combined with the tradition of the Italian Aperitivo carved in our hearts, we created a cocktail to celebrate an incredible country. We named this flavoursome cocktail “APPLE OF MY EYES” an old English idiom used by Shakespeare and also present in the King James Bible.
The base ingredient of this blend of history is Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto, simply the only product that represents and encloses strongly our Italian roots with its beautiful aroma, Vermouth Ambrato and the fresh local sourced product: Bramley Apples. We used the sour juice of this fruit known for its very acidic characteristic and usually used for culinary porpoise. We added extra flavour mixing it with pure juice of celeriac.
Using the “Throwing Technique” we gently mixed this gorgeous blend and then we finished it topping up with Citrus Saffron Kombucha to give fizziness and richness to the cocktail and again a dedication to the British culture of Tea and Spices under different points of view...Enjoy it and Salute!

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