9 di Dante Vermouth


9diDANTE IS THE STORY OF A FRIENDHSIP, A SHARED PASSION FOR INNOVATION AND THE RESPECT FOR ARTISANAL TRADITIONS THAT REPRESENT THE ART OF VERMOUTH. A DIFFERENT TAKE ON THE HISTORY OF ITALY, ITS CULTURE AND ITS APPRECIATION FOR THE JOY OF LIFE. 9diDANTE is the brainchild of Alex Ouziel, under the experienced mentorship of famed Master Blender Mario Baralis. A product made possible by a chance encounter that has developed into close friendship.

Having learnt the Art of Vermouth over 30 years of guarding the secrets of the original Carpano and Antica Formulas, Mario has been happily retired in the Piedmont hills for 20 years. He never saw himself creating a new and original vermouth formula until in he crossed paths with Alex i and they started discussing how artisanal Piedmont craftsmanship could inspire the taste of a new generation.